Portsmouth People, the publication (A4 magazine) of the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth, invites contributions relevant and of interest to its readership.

Contributions of any type – e.g., anecdotes, comments, reviews, features, observations, reports etc. - are invited in electronic format.

Feature articles should not be in excess of five hundred words.  All copy should be submitted as attachments in regular Word format (Verdana 10pt), single-line spacing, standard line length (70 strikes per line), in b&w and with as few effects as possible.  Titles and main straps should be in bold title casing 20pt and 14pt respectively with conjunctions, prepositions, definite and indefinite articles in lower case.  Quotations to appear in single marks.

Contributors are invited to submit head/head & shoulders photographs and a biographical note not exceeding 15 words.

Photographs (ideally jpeg) of sufficiently high quality complementing any copy submitted for publication are similarly welcome. Download photographic flyer.

Photographic Pointers :

  • Photographs from mobile phones are not usually of sufficiently high quality
  • A minimum of 3m pixels generally ensures quality
  • The more pixels the better
  • Landscape shots (i.e., Rectangle on long side) are best for groups
  • Portrait shots (i.e., Rectangle standing on short side) are best for individuals
  • Shortfall in sharpness of focus is accentuated in print
  • The subject o f the picture should occupy at least 60% of the frame
  • Pictures ideally tell a story

Download rate card in electronic format for display advertising

Editor: Dr Jeremy L Kettle-Williams