Media can be so naughty at times. All that brouhaha about Brexit leaving a nation divided left me in a cool rage. Yes, we are a nation divided. What nation isn't? We know full well some of us voted to remain, others to stay. Similarly some ofus trace our history in these lands back for generations; others not so; some of us wear glasses, some don't; some are female, others not; some of us are monotheistic ... Yes, we are a nation divided on many counts. But let's not forget what we have in common, what holds us together. Whether you respect it or no, you can't ignore the common Christian heritage by which every single person - whether of faith, of our faith or of no faith - living in these islands readily and consistently benefits.

That Christian heritage goes hand in glove with respect for women. The Marian Doctrine bears out my point. Moreover, the similarity for the term 'mother' in all Indo-European languages points to the widespread heritage of matriarchal societies. Women have consistently constituted a positive bond in forging social harmony and even cross-cultural understanding. It is only where women are denied their due position, denied their influence, and where real social division consequently exists that discord and chaos ensue: the greater that denial, the greater that chaos.

As this Year of Mercy draws to a close, let's ...

No! Let me stop there and invite you to finish this issue's Editorial for me. :)

Jay Kettle-Williams


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